Audubon Image Collection

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Our James Audubon images come from museums around the world. They are photographs and scans of original Audubon art in very high resolution and perfect representations of the originals. For the most part these very high resolution Audubon images are in the range of 15,000 - 16,000 pixels at 300 dpi and can be printed to 50 inches or more. Because of the very high resolution, the artist brushstrokes are usually clearly visible in most of the images. This collection of Audubon images represent the most important of the artists works.There are over 100 Audubon images in this collection.

These images are all ROYALTY-FREE and COPYRIGHT-FREE and can be used for any commercial purpose, except for reselling them.

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Copyright Information
In the United States - These images are copyright-free and royalty-free and can be used for any commercial purpose such as making and selling prints, posters, giclees, wallpaper or any kind of print media.
The copyright law applies to the United States based on the court case Bridgeman Archive vs Corel Corp. For other countries, they may or may not be protected by copyright, see this explanation: International Copyright Law.